Wholesale Produce

Temperature Controlled 

Our facility has 8 temperature controlled zones. Fruits and vegetables are stored in their respective coolers in climates that ensure freshness and flavor. Temperatures are monitored and logged multiple times a day by our food safety coordinator. In addition to the 8 refrigerated zones, Brigiotta's also has a state of the art ripening facility. Six pressurized rooms are specifically designed to control temperature and humidity for tropical fruits such as bananas. These rooms allow us to control the seven stages (ripeness) of bananas so that customers may order green or yellow or anywhere in between. 




Food safety is our highest priority at Brigiotta's. In addition to a rigorous food safety and food security program, Brigiotta's is a GAP, GHP and Preventative Food Defense Certified vendor from the USDA. We have an extensive tractability program in place for all produce, whether local, domestic or imported.
Note, the certificate is valid from one year of date. 

Family Owned And Operated 

Brigiotta's is a family owned and operated business celebrating 90 years. Throughout the past four generations, we have expanded from our roots in farming to a wholesale produce distributor servicing the Western New York and Erie, Pennsylvania regions. It has been our strong commitment to quality and customer service that has made us a first choice for wholesalers, retailers and restaurants that demand excellence. Our buyers have decades of experience and purchase directly from farms across the United States. 


Delivery Trucks

Our modern fleet of refrigerated trucks maintains temperatures to guarantee freshness and quality even while produce is out for delivery. All of our trucks are equipped with two way communication as well as an advanced telematics system that ensures timely deliveries. In addition to position tracking and optimized routing, the telematics system helps us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by maintaining a zero-idling policy.  



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